Government of India along with Reliance Jio Ambani Preparing coffin for BSNL

the current government of India and Reliance JIO. jointly working to end BSNL A public sector undertaking company to benefit JIO. firstly government denied BSNL to deploy for 4g network all over India. also, the government is slowing the process of deploying a 4G network in many states this is just to benefit JIO. We all know that the current government and JIO owner is from the same state have a very good relationship and funding to the party. this kind of moves is not in the public interest but in the interest of Reliance JIO which is unacceptable for the general public and harmful to PSU companies. this is not the first time where the Indian government is promoting Reliance. in the defence sector also the government has pushed Reliance in France Rafale deal. instead of public sectors undertaking companies like HAL and BHEL. Surely these kinds of moves will take in go India to the back foot. in the short term it will look good but and long-term it will give darkness to the country