best and cheapest CDN for small and Medium blogs and Websites in 2020

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If you are an owner of any website or a blog you might be thinking or heard of CDN (content delivery network) it basically loads your media form CDN instead of your website site resource and helps you to make your website load fast to your users end. There are 100 CDN providers right now in this industry web not going to take a name of premium on in this post.

Our website Web personally uses BunnyCDN for a while and we have been getting good results for it.
for WordPress, they have a Dedicated plugin, will do most of your of configuring it

Pricing is the most flexible thing in Bunnycdn only pay for what you have been used for an example if you consumed data on 1gb for a month you just get charged for the same around 0.38$,
We think BunnyCDN is the best CDN provider for you if you are new to the CDN world for 2020.